Pacific Stone Cannabis

Pacific Stone is a good brand of cannabis with a strong message and heartwarming connection to family and Southern California. However, its current branding and design feel counter to the brand identity itself. The current branding is dark with victorian/gothic vibes that feel elementary and off-putting, especially when compared to other cannabis brands. Without gentrifying the design, a rebranding is needed.

The branding and marketing redesign of Pacific Stone aims to bring the brand and visual identities together in a contemporary yet nostalgic manner. Seeking inspiration from California’s history of midcentury modern design, the Pacific Stone brand will feel retro but not stuck in the past.

The iconography of the logo is used in coordination with typography, but also on its own. It must be able to function in black and white, as well as with the brands color pallet for different strains of cannabis (indica, hybrid, sativa). Together with packaging, merchandise, and a strong marketing campaign, the Pacific Stone brand feels more emblematic of its California birthplace.