Lilly Pulitzer BETTY

The Lilly Pulitzer brand elicits ideas of old fashion, elitism, and stereotypical femininity. It is known for being a staple in the wardrobe of preppy women and has accumulated a cult of devotees. In contrast to this wildly colorful and female oriented brand, skateboarding culture is male-dominated and feels judgmental and restrictive.

From the outside, both Lilly Pulitzer and skateboarding culture appear rigid and exclusive. The collaboration between the two will start a revolution.

The new line, Lilly Pulitzer BETTY, will show the true freedom and vibrancy of skateboarding culture through Lilly’s iconic and colorful prints in their collaboration to reimagine gender fluidity and expression in the skateboarding community. The collaboration will change the common association made with Lilly Pulitzer by transforming it into an inclusive and expressionist brand allowing womxn to be active badasses without sacrificing boldness or style.